FSN Directional Billiard Cloth

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100% Wool FSN directional billiard cloth offers you quality at an excellent price.

For Snooker or Billiards enthusiasts, FSN directional cloth will be sure to satisfy. This cloth is an ideal choice for surfacing any Billiard table as it gives a smooth flat playing surface that allows the ball to spin consistently and roll accurately.

FSN Cloth – 100% Wool Directional is available in a range of 11 Colours


Cloth Size Width: Weight Thickness: Roll Length approx:
61 inch & 78 inch 26oz / yard (61 inch) 32oz / yard (78 inch) 42 – 48m.

*Please Note: Colours of products are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from the final product.

For your reference, the following is PALKO’s suggested cloth quantities converted to metres.

61” & 63” Wide Cloth
Table Size Bed Only Cushions Only Bed & Cushions
7ft NA 0.64m 2.29m
8ft NA 0.73m 2.82m
9ft NA 0.81m 3.43m
76” & 78” Wide Cloth
Table Size Bed Only Cushions Only Bed & Cushions
10ft 3.2m 0.92m 3.53m
12ft 3.85m 0.92m 4.76m
Simonis 78’’ Wide
7ft Straight Cut only Bed and Rails 2.30m
8ft Straight Cut only Bed and Rails 2.64m
9ft Straight Cut only Bed and Rails 2.85m

swatch 12 olive | Palko Wholesale  cloth FSN chocolate | Palko Wholesale   swatch 17 burgundy | Palko Wholesale  cloth FSN red | Palko Wholesale  swatch 52 purple | Palko Wholesale  swatch 06 english blue | Palko Wholesale  swatch 58 slate blue | Palko Wholesale  swatch 10 grey | Palko Wholesale  cloth FSN charcoal | Palko Wholesale  swatch 20 black | Palko Wholesale

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