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PALKO® is a game which is simple to learn, and fun to play for people of all ages. Although anyone can play the game, few will truly master it. An expert would require the concentration of a chess master, the strategy of backgammon and the guile of a poker player. Palko The Game will keep the family entertained for hours.

A dice-based game is the brainchild of Paul Niesler and he hopes it will soon become the latest craze in the exciting board-game market.  Based on a popular dice game played in China, the simple to learn but difficult to master game pits players against each other in a match of wits and bluff.  Using 5 dice each, a player must bid what combinations of dice they can form with the help of other player’s dice but with wild cards and the art of a good bluff the fast and furious game can be highly addictive.  Bringing together aspects of poker and bridge this game really draws people together in a way they can laugh and interact while also stimulating their brains.  A game might not last very long, however, you often find yourself staying up to all hours playing over and over again.

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