Palko have billiard cloth to suit any application and any price range under such brand names as Strachan 6811, FSN 100% Wool Directional & FSW Worsted.

PALKO billiard cloth is a superior product. With excellent properties perfectly suited for billiard sports. PALKO supplies quality billiard cloth worldwide from our manufacturing facility.

Click on the logos below to view the range of cloth available.

 6811_logo Strachan 6811 offers a World Class playing surface, and is characterised by a crisp, highly engineered nap with a lustrous finish, consisitent colour and high durability.ORDER NOW
 superpro_logo Strachan SuperPro™ Worsted Billiard Cloth Strachan SuperPro™ maintains its play characteristics longer than other premium cloths, giving control, consistency and the confidence players require to produce a championship winning performance.ORDER NOW
simonis_logo Simonis 860™ Worsted Billiard Cloth Professional players prefer Simonis for the same reasons that make it great for commercial & family play – the truest play surface combined with strong worsted thread construction and high thread count that resists tearing, scuffing, spills and abuse.ORDER NOW
 fsn_logo FSN Directional Billiard Cloth For Snooker or Billiards enthusiast, FSN is the cloth is an ideal choice for surfacing any Billiard table as it gives a smooth flat playing surface that allows the ball to spin consistently and roll accurately.ORDER NOW
 fsw_logo FSW Worsted Cloth Featuring a very high thread count and is made from 90% wool and 10% nylon, it is guaranteed not to pill or fluff, and is nap-free.ORDER NOW
 palko_logo_sml Outdoor Non Directional Billiard Cloth Outdoor Non Directional billiard cloth offers you a sound billiard cloth that can withstand the elements.ORDER NOW
 palko_logo_sml Non Directional Billiard Cloth Non Directional billiard cloth offers you a sound billiard cloth at an excellent inexpensive price.ORDER NOW


Artscape™ Printed Worsted Cloth Using leading edge technologies, Artscape™ cloth is able to be produced with unique, photo realistic designs coordinated across the bed and cushion rails.ORDER NOW

For your reference, the following is PALKO’s suggested cloth quantities converted to metres.

61” & 63” Wide Cloth
Table Size Bed Only Cushions Only Bed & Cushions
7ft 1.66m 0.64m 2.29m
8ft 2.10m 0.73m 2.82m
9ft 2.62m 0.81m 3.43m
76” & 78” Wide Cloth
Table Size Bed Only Cushions Only Bed & Cushions
10ft 2.61m 0.92m 3.53m
12ft 3.85m 0.92m 4.76m
Simonis 78’’ Wide
7ft Straight Cut only Bed and Rails 2.30m
8ft Straight Cut only Bed and Rails 2.64m
9ft Straight Cut only Bed and Rails 2.85m

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the PALKO office.