GREAT NEWS, our dedicated dealer website is now online and our approved dealer network will have the ability to place their orders online. All products from our main website at have been converted over to a cart, with more products from our catalogue being added each day.

It’s an exciting new step for Palko, in our pursuit to make it easier for our customers to do business with us. For security reasons, this means that general internet users will not be able to see products or our prices without authority to log in. To enable you to log in, approved existing dealers will have to create a user profile first, using the registration link that was emailed recently. Please note, Palko Pty Ltd is a wholesale company and we do not sell retail to the general public. Only our approved existing dealer network will be able to log in. Once verified, an email will be sent with your log in details.

New business customers who wish to be part of our network will need to make an application, click here.

We understand that not all dealers will embrace the new technology and register as a user, so don’t worry, your existing ordering process with Palko will not change. However, we plan to roll out coupon codes in future email campains which will provide discounts to you in the checkout process. So don’t miss out and register as a user.

A dealer click through link is now also live on our main website ( for registered dealers to log in. Thanks for being part of this exciting new process for Palko.

If you have any questions, visit our FAQ page: click here.